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Brand Identities.

We specialize in crafting and overseeing brand identities for businesses of all sizes, ensuring they communicate a distinctive and consistent image that resonates with their target audience. Our expertise in brand strategy and design enables us to cultivate and maintain strong, memorable brand identities that drive success and recognition in the market.

Website Design

We excel in the art of crafting captivating and functional websites that cater to your unique needs, from eye-catching design to seamless user experiences. Our dedicated team also provides ongoing website maintenance to keep your online presence optimized, secure, and up-to-date, ensuring a hassle-free digital journey for your audience.

Art Direction.

We are natural graphic designers who can help any business with their design needs, making sure everything looks great and suits their brand, no matter what it is. We bring your brand’s vision to life and make sure it stands out in the market through our art direction expertise.

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About Us.

Our Culture and vision

Welcome to our design agency, nestled in the heart of Eastern Zambia. We’re passionate creators specializing in crafting identities, books, websites, brochures, logos, campaigns, advertising, and captivating graphics for various purposes.

Our mission goes beyond design – it’s about collaboration with the incredible people of this rural area, fostering a positive impact on the local community and economy. We’re committed to investing in Zambia’s small yet promising market, embodying our core values.

In our culture, working closely with Zambian artisans is more than a practice; it’s our essence. We’re on a journey to bring Western design standards to Zambia while infusing them with a unique African twist.

As Africa is hailed as ‘the last untapped frontier,’ we believe that investing in Zambia holds immense potential. We envision a brilliant future for Graphic Design throughout this nation.

Join us in this creative adventure, where design knows no bounds, where collaboration is the key, and where we strive to make design accessible to all, while celebrating Zambia’s rich culture. Welcome to the future of design in Zambia.

Owner / Art Director

Roger Peters

Seasoned graphic designer with almost 25 years of experience. Worked for leading Dutch design firms and served esteemed clients including UNHCR Netherlands, the Dutch Energy Company, Gazelle, Eredivisie Media, UMC Utrecht, the Dutch Ministry of Health and more. His expertise also includes motion design, video production, photography and drone footage. His knowledge and experience in the printing industry ensures that his designs are not only creative, but also optimized for practical production.

Owner / Management

Natasja Peters

She’s the dynamic manager who skillfully unites and steers the team towards success, ensuring that all heads stay aligned. Natasja is trained and experienced in motion designs, video and photography. We have professional photography and studio equipment and also offer drone footage.

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